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Leonard, Buena Park, CA

(Received January 9, 2008 – Note on file) “Thank you so much for helping me through the process of bankruptcy…I feel free and much relieved. You both were very warm and friendly and I enjoyed our conversations. Take care,”

Lizette, San Dimas, CA

(Received August 26, 2008 – Note on file) “Thank you so much for your unconditional support through my Bk proceedings. I feel relieved and liberated knowing that I have the opportunity to start fresh & really begin to build wealth! Again thank you for showing up in my life and making this possible. With much gratitude & blessings,”

Teri, Fullerton, CA

(Received May 22, 2009 – Note on file) “Thank you, both for helping me through such a challenging time. I am finally moved and looking forward. I wish both of you a very happy life.”

Regina, Los Alamitos, CA

(Received September 4, 2009 – Note on file) “I just want to thank you for helping me out at a time in my life that I really needed it. You were both very kind and helpful and I appreciate that very much. I promise to stay on the right track this time and not get in that situation again. Again, thanks for all of your help and for being so very kind.”

Jesse, La Puente, CA

(Dated January 7, 2010 – Email on file) “Your representation in my case was outstanding and I will not hesitate to recommend you to anybody in need of an Attorney. As soon as I know anybody in this kind of trouble, I will give him your phone number so you can help him as well. I never had any doubts about your job quality, you did an excellent job and I am very happy with the results. May the Lord bless you with everything you need throughout this year and much more to come.”

Paul and Barbara, Lakewood, CA

(Received February 3, 2010 – Card on file) “The care and concern you both showed us through this difficult time, as well as the respectful way you handled our case, is greatly appreciated. Your expertise and patience made this difficult and trying time for our family immeasurably more bearable.”

Mark, Burbank, CA

(Received March 29, 2010 – Note on file) “Thank you for all your help and the extra effort in getting the quick discharge. I recently gave one of your cards to a friend. Thanks again!”

Boyd and Debbie, Bellflower, CA

(Received July 28, 2010 – Letter on file) “Debbie and I wanted to take the time to thank you for representing and guiding us through our bankruptcy. You were all we could have asked for in an attorney and our bankruptcy could not have gone more smoothly. Had we, in advance to meeting you, been asked to draw a ‘picture’ of the attorney we wanted, that ‘picture’ would have been an attorney with the knowledge, skills, and attributes of Nicholas Gebelt. It is our experience that one rarely gets what one needs. Our case defied our past experience—we needed a… Read More →

Sandra, La Habra, CA

(Dated January 5, 2011 – Email on file) “Thank you, Mr. Gebelt for all you have done. I would recommend your firm in a heartbeat. On a scale from 1 to 10, you get a 20! Again Thank You and the best to you this New Year and always.”

F.T. and L.T., Aliso Viejo, CA

(Dated February 15, 2011 – Email on file) “Again, thank you as always for helping us and we are grateful and blessed that we met you. Sincerely,”

In light of the COVID-19 (coronavirus), we offer our clients the ability to meet with us via video conferencing and telephone. Please call our office at (562) 777-9159 to discuss your options. We are here for your legal needs now and in the future. Thank you.

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