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Board-Certified Bankruptcy Law Specialist

Mr. Gebelt is not only a bankruptcy attorney, he is a board-certified bankruptcy law specialist, certified by the California State Bar’s Board of Legal Specialization. Although there are over 300,000 attorneys licensed by the California State Bar to practice law, there are fewer the 200 board-certified bankruptcy law specialists. The certification process is difficult and rigorous ? which is why there aren’t very many board-certified bankruptcy law specialists ? and is designed to produce bankruptcy attorneys of the highest caliber.

Debtor Representation

Mr. Gebelt applies his prodigious skills compassionately to help people who are facing financial difficulties. He takes a personal interest in every case and does all of the work himself. He won’t shunt you off to a paralegal but will work with you face-to-face to prepare and file your bankruptcy papers, attend the hearings with you, and deal forcefully with any aggressive creditors who violate the automatic stay that is triggered when he files your papers.

Lawsuits in the Bankruptcy Court can usually be avoided by careful pre-bankruptcy planning. However, if you do face a lawsuit in the Bankruptcy Court, Mr. Gebelt will vigorously defend you.

Mr. Gebelt represents individuals and married couples in Chapter 7, 11 (including Subchapter V for individuals and married couple who have a business), and 13 bankruptcy cases; and businesses in Chapter 7 and 11—including Subchapter V—cases (Chapter 13 is not available to businesses); and all debtors in bankruptcy litigation.

Creditor Representation

Mr. Gebelt also represents creditors in bankruptcy litigation. He has successfully challenged plans of reorganization, gotten bankruptcy cases dismissed, and has gotten judgments determining that a debt is nondischargeable due to the debtor’s prepetition fraud.

In sum, Mr. Gebelt is dedicated to the highest level of client satisfaction by doing everything in his power to achieve his clients’ goals.

A Specialist That Helps Individuals, Married Couples, and Businesses

Bankruptcy is not something to be ashamed of. It is a viable form of debt relief provided by federal law, pursuant to Article I, section 8, of the U.S. Constitution, to help you get a handle on your finances. In fact, this option has existed in some form or another since biblical times and we can use it to help you get back on your feet.

Our experienced Whittier debt relief attorney, Nicholas Gebelt, is one of only a few legal practitioners designated as a bankruptcy specialist by the California Board of Legal Specialization. This helps to ensure a thorough, well-done bankruptcy that can help you escape overwhelming debt.

We Have Extensive Experience Finding Options That Will Fit You

There are two main options available for personal bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a good choice for people who have limited assets and income. If you have a higher income or assets with significant equity, then Chapter 13 may be more appropriate. However, it may be necessary to file a personal bankruptcy under Chapter 11 if you have significant property holdings, and your debts exceed the Chapter 13 debt ceilings.

If you want to reorganize your business, then rather than shutting it down under Chapter 7, you will need to file a business Chapter 11 — either as a classic Chapter 11, or as a Subchapter V Chapter 11. We will review your situation to let you know which choice will best suit your situation.

Seeking debt relief provides a number of benefits, including an automatic stay to debt collection efforts. This means you will not be subject to wage garnishment or harassing phone calls. It will also put a temporary stop to pending lawsuits concerning your debts, and foreclosures. It may have a temporary effect on your credit, but because you will be in a better position to pay your bills, you will eventually improve your credit rating. We will work tirelessly to help you achieve a smooth, trouble-free bankruptcy.

You do not have to suffer the stress that comes with overwhelming amounts of unpaid bills. Contact our Whittier lawyer online. We offer flexible appointment scheduling along with interest-free payments.

Important notice required by 11 U.S.C. § 528: We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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