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My name is Nicholas Gebelt, and I’m a bankruptcy attorney who represents both debtors and creditors here in Whittier, California.

Let me start by talking about what I do for debtors because most of my practice focuses on helping them. I file for bankruptcy protection under Chapters 7, 11, and 13, either to get rid of debts entirely, say in the Chapter 7, or to make the paying of those debts — in whole, or in part — a manageable process in either Chapter 13 or Chapter 11. In addition, I do Subchapter V bankruptcies. Subchapter Vs are somewhat streamlined versions of Chapter 11s.

I also represent debtors in bankruptcy litigation, either in adversary proceedings — lawsuits in the Bankruptcy Court — or in contested matters. I have a very good track record. Many of the adversaries involve challenges to the discharge of a particular debt or, to the entire bankruptcy, as well as disputes over assets. If you are a debtor in need of representation, I can do a very good job for you.

On occasion, I also represent creditors, primarily in dischargeability actions and in automatic stay actions in bankruptcy. I have a very good track record in representing creditors, as well. One of the reasons for my positive track record is my ability to see things from both sides: what is good for debtors and what is good for creditors. If I’m representing a creditor, I know the strong points for the creditor, and the weak points for the debtor. And in mirror image, if I’m representing a debtor, I know the strong points for the debtor and the weak points for the creditor.

What sets me apart? There are several things that stand out.

The first is my prebankruptcy practice background. This is a second career for me. I have been a bankruptcy attorney for close to 20 years. Prior to that, I was a mathematician. I have a Ph.D. in Mathematics, and I was a math professor. My area of research is function theory of several complex variables. The reason I bring this up is not because higher mathematics plays a big role in bankruptcy. There is no connection between the practice of bankruptcy law and function theory of several complex variables. However, my work in higher mathematics trained me to think logically. As a mathematician, I’m able to see the forests and the trees; to see what’s really going on.

The second thing that sets me apart from the average bankruptcy attorney is that I’m a board-certified specialist in bankruptcy law. The California Bar Association has a specialization program. If an attorney is practicing law and has a license, that’s great. But if an attorney wants to focus with extreme precision on a particular area of law, then that attorney can become a board-certified specialist, which is not an easy process. Before an attorney can take the certification exam, that attorney has to have been practicing in that particular area of law for at least five years, have had at least 100 cases in that particular area of law, and have taken a certain minimum number of continuing education course hours in that area of law for each of those five years. The certification exam is a hard exam. The reason I know it’s hard — besides having taken it — is that I was a commissioner on the California State Bar’s Bankruptcy Law Advisory Commission. My colleagues and I made up the exams, and we made them hard. The reason for the difficulty is not to be mean to the applicants, but to give the public confidence in the skills of a board-certified specialist.

In addition to taking the exam, the applicant has to get letters of recommendation. I received letters of recommendation from judges, from trustees, and from fellow bankruptcy attorneys, including attorneys who were on the other side of a dispute. After all that, the attorney must renew the certification every five years. As part of the process, the applicant has to take a certain minimum number of hours of continuing legal education courses in that particular area of law every year. For that reason, I am constantly being exposed to the latest and greatest of what’s going on in bankruptcy.

Everything I’ve said thus far may paint a picture of a somewhat cool, detached person. However, while I am detail-oriented, as my background indicates, I’m also very compassionate and I care. I won’t shunt you off to a paralegal; I do the work myself. I get to know my clients personally, and I take a personal interest in their welfare and their future because I really do care. My goal is to have a successful case for each client, whether it’s a debtor or a creditor. In sum, I stand out among other bankruptcy attorneys because I’m a board-certified specialist, I’m a mathematician, and I care.

If you’re still debating whether or not to hire me, the best thing to do would be to give me a call so we can chat. You’ll get to know me a little bit better, I’ll get to know you a little bit better, and we can establish a good working relationship.

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